SurpriseHomeowners Coverages in Sandpoint, ID

For those looking to purchase a homeowners insurance policy in Sandpoint, ID, there are many considerations you will want to take into account. While most people consider a homeowners policy as being primarily for protection in the case of the total destruction of the home, the fact is that your homeowners insurance policy likely has many more coverages than you may have imagined. For example:

  • Coverages related to foundation damage

Many homeowners insurance policies cover foundation damage which may affect a home, and offers coverages to replace such damaged features as a sinking deck or porch, in addition to the home’s actual foundation. One thing you should take into account is that homeowners policies do not always cover the foundation directly, and you may need to purchase a separate rider in order to have the foundation covered. This is because repairing the home’s foundation can be very expensive, and therefore its coverage is often extra.

  • Coverage against theft

Many people would be surprised to learn that their homeowners insurance policy usually covers their personal belongings against theft. Every policy has its own coverage limits, terms, and conditions, and strict documentation of the home’s contents will likely be needed in the case that a claim needs to be filed.

  • Accidental bodily harm

Suppose your dog bites your neighbors child while warn your property. Many homeowners policies will have coverages for this type of situation and other instances of accidental bodily harm.Like all other coverages, it is a good idea to talk to your broker about just how much your policy covers in the case of accidental bodily harm, and what kinds of accidents are covered.