Hidden Commercial Insurance Risks Small Business Owners Need To Think About

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Hidden Commercial Insurance Risks

As a business owner in the Sandpoint, ID community, you have to handle a lot of rights and responsibilities. Commercial insurance can help take some of the pressure off of you as you navigate the day-to-day aspects of your business. The policy covers any damage to your equipment, as well as the building that you operate in. You’ll also be protected if your business is vandalized. Liability coverage protects you if you are facing litigation because someone was injured on your property. As you research different commercial insurance policies, think about some of these risks.

Cyber Coverage

If you are operating or marketing your business online, consider adding cyber coverage. You face a lot of risks operating your business online. Hackers will try to infiltrate your data and corrupt it. You may also face potential litigation disputes over slander on a copyright issue. Cyber coverage will protect your business and help you navigate those online risks.

Disability Coverage

Workers compensation allows you to protect your business if one of your employees is injured in the workplace. However, some worker’s compensation policies don’t include coverage if an employee becomes disabled. Consider adding disability coverage to your workers compensation policy to prepare for any scenario.

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Will Home Insurance Cover Foundation Repair?

So you’ve got a hefty bill on your hands for foundation repair, and you’re wondering if you’re covered by your insurance provider.

The good news is that foundation repair is not listed as an exclusion on a standard home insurance policy in Sandpoint, ID. In fact, exclusions almost never have to do with any particular part of the home. A home insurance policy that will cover a window will cover a wall, a garage door, flooring, roofing, and yes, foundation repair.

The question comes down to how the foundation was damaged.

You’ll want to read your policy to be certain, but generally, you can expect that a home collapsing from the weight of ice or snow on the roof will be covered, a home crushed by a falling tree is usually covered, windstorm, water damage, car accidents, explosions, these are all going to be covered on a typical insurance policy.

Earthquakes probably won’t be covered, natural settling of the foundation, such as shrinking in winter and stretching in summer, won’t be covered, neither will faulty construction, and neither will pressure from tree roots. So if you have some tree roots stretching dangerously close to your home, get that looked at.

You can expect that these rules apply to any part of your Sandpoint, ID home. A roof collapsing due to poor construction won’t be covered, but if a tree falls on it, it probably will be, and so on. If you have any questions, get in touch with The Insurance Shop USA. The Insurance Shop USA can help Sandpoint, ID homeowners to get a good deal on a great insurance policy.

Is auto insurance required on the highway in Idaho?

You are required to show proof of at least liability insurance if you operate a car or truck in the city. Residents of Sandpoint, ID must provide evidence of a policy that pays at least $25,000 per person ($50,000 per incident) for bodily injury and a minimum of $15,000 for property damage. You also need to show proof of $25,000 per person ($50,000 per incident) for uninsured motorist protection. The agents at The Insurance Shop USA can help you understand auto insurance in Idaho and whether or not you can drive an uninsured vehicle on the highway. 

Is Idaho a no-fault state?

Idaho is not a no-fault state. Drivers who cause an accident can be sued by the victims of their neglect. Some auto owners purchase the minimum amount in car insurance and discover that they must pay out-of-pocket when damages exceed policy limits. 

It is best to purchase an auto insurance plan that supports your lifestyle preferences in Sandpoint, ID. A policy does not need to be the most expensive to serve as an effective financial cushion. Your insurance plan should, however, be enough to pay for damage to another person’s property and replace your vehicle, if necessary. 

Can you drive on the highway in Idaho without auto insurance?

Contrary to some rumors, you cannot operate a vehicle on the highways in Idaho without auto insurance. Drivers must show proof of indemnity coverage when prompted by law enforcement regardless of whether they operate their vehicles in the city or in rural areas. 

How much auto insurance do you need? 

The amount of auto insurance you need depends on the type of vehicle you have, how often you drive, the distance from work and home, and your overall lifestyle preferences. The agents at The Insurance Shop USA can help you understand the difference between auto insurance types so you can find the plan that best suits your needs. Call today to get started on a quote for coverage.

Why should I invest in an auto insurance plan?

In the Sandpoint, ID area, owning a car will make it much easier for you to get around town and complete all of your necessary daily tasks. When you are looking to purchase a vehicle here, you should make sure that you pick the right insurance plan. There continue to be several reasons why someone should invest in an auto insurance plan here. 

Insurance Will Keep You in Legal Compliance

A great reason that you should get an auto insurance plan is that it will help to keep you in legal compliance. If you decide to buy a car and you want to drive it in this state, you will need to carry liability insurance at all times. If you do not have this protection, you will be in violation of the law and could face some serious penalization. 

Insurance Protects Car

You will also want to invest in an auto insurance plan as it can protect your car. If you decide to buy a car, you will be making a big purchase that you should try to protect as well as possible. The best way that you can do this is by getting collision and comprehensive insurance coverage. If you do not maintain this protection, you could lose your asset entirely if it is damaged or stolen. 

If you would like to get an auto insurance plan when you are in the Sandpoint, ID area, it would be a good idea for you to call The Insurance Shop USA. The team of professionals at The Insurance Shop USA understands the complexity that comes with picking this type of insurance. They can help you choose a policy that will offer you the coverage that you need to stay in legal compliance and protect your vehicle. 

Wedding insurance: Do I need it?

Weddings are pricey events that take lots of time and effort to happen. Most people believe that with proper planning, everything will go well. However perfect you want things to be, anything can go wrong. From sudden car accidents that leave your Sandpoint, ID uncle healing injuries to stolen gifts and natural disasters that render the venue inaccessible, you may want to consider buying wedding insurance to provide you with the peace of mind you need on your big day. So do you need wedding insurance? Of course, you do, and here are the reasons.

Wedding insurance covers a wide range of perils

Depending on the type of wedding insurance you choose, a wedding insurance policy can help protect your wedding from various accidents that could completely ruin your big day. Some of the accidents covered include injuries, extreme weather, wedding attire, military duty, and photos.

You can cancel the wedding

Wedding insurance allows you to cancel your wedding up to the last minute. Your insurance provider reimburses you all the money spent in the event. However, there are exceptions where the policyholder may not be allowed to change heart or mind. Our insurance experts at The Insurance Shop USA can help you with solid advice on which coverages to buy. You just need to ask.

You get the peace of mind that you need

Weddings can be particularly mind-draining, especially if you are doing everything by yourself. There is so much to worry about like your photographer fails to show up, or the groom’s parents’ flight to Sandpoint, ID getting canceled, or the reception space going out of business. All these can be worrying, but not when you have wedding insurance, as you only need to postpone till things get clear.

Planning to wed soon? Enjoy your big day with the assurance that everything will go well. At The Insurance Shop USA, we’ve got everything it takes to ensure your wedding is perfect and things go as planned. Contact us today!

What Is an Umbrella Insurance Policy?

Having liability insurance is a must in today’s world. There are so many accidents that happen, and medical bills are so expensive, that it makes sense to have insurance policies that include liability coverage. For many, umbrella insurance policies provide that much-needed coverage. If you are interested in umbrella insurance, call us at The Insurance Shop USA in Sandpoint, ID.

Home and Liability Coverage

If you are a homeowner, you have home insurance that covers a wide range of mishaps. A small part of that coverage is for your liability for incidents that happen to third parties. However, this coverage is quite low in most cases. If a serious accident were to occur, you might not be able to pay the medical bills. That’s when people get umbrella coverage. These policies supplement your home insurance and provide you with an enormous amount of coverage, and they cost relatively little. 

Auto and Liability Coverage

Auto insurance, too, comes with a small amount for liability. A serious accident will max out that payment amount and leave you paying the rest out of pocket. But with umbrella insurance, you get far more liability coverage than your auto policy contains. Once the auto policy has paid all that it will for an accident, your umbrella insurance begins to pay that overage, and it has a much higher maximum payout. 

You Need Liability Coverage

With lawsuits so plentiful and medical bills so expensive, it’s a good idea to have a high amount of liability coverage for both your home and vehicle. If you want to add to your liability coverage with an umbrella policy, call us at The Insurance Shop USA in Sandpoint, ID. 

Coverage Options of Boat Insurance

You are excited to hit the water on your new boat but before you do, you should ensure that the investment you have made in your new purchase is protected. The best way to protect your boat is through a boat insurance policy and the agents at The Insurance Shop USA in Sandpoint, ID have the experience to assist you with your boat insurance policy.

Boat and Watercraft Requirements in Idaho

Most states do require boat owners to obtain a boat insurance policy for watercraft but the marina in which you chose to dock your boat may require a boat insurance policy to be in place. Whether you are required to have one or not, it is a great idea to have coverage to protect your investment and provide you with peace of mind so you can truly relax while enjoying time on your boat.

Types of Boat and Watercraft Insurance Coverages

There are several boat and watercraft insurance coverage options available, including liability insurance, which will protect you if someone is injured in an accident on your boat or with your boat. This type of boat insurance policy will pay the medical bills for someone that is injured in an accident that is determined to be your fault or any damage that occurs from an accident to other people’s property. This also includes passengers on your boat in the event one of them is injured while riding on your boat or other watercraft.

Comprehensive coverage is the main type of boat insurance that will protect your investment. Also, if you obtained a loan to purchase your boat, the lender you borrowed the money from may require that you have a comprehensive insurance policy in place to protect the investment they have made in your boat. This type of policy will cover your boat if it is damaged or destroyed by a fire, natural disaster, or vandalism. Also, if your boat or other watercraft is stolen, this part of your policy will help you replace it.

 Collision insurance is a type of coverage that will cover the repairs to your boat if it is damaged due to a collision with another boat or object, such as the dock.

To obtain a boat insurance policy that is best for you and your beloved boat, call upon the boat insurance agents at The Insurance Shop USA in Sandpoint, ID today to get your policy started.

How could auto insurance protect someone?

In the Sandpoint, ID area, you will need to have a car. When you own a car, it can make it a lot easier for you to get to and from work or school while also enjoying all of the amenities in this area of Idaho. If you are going to get a car here, you also need to make sure that you get the right auto insurance. A quality auto insurance policy could protect someone a variety of ways. 

Protects Asset

One way that your auto insurance policy can protect you is by protecting your asset. A car is one of the largest assets that someone will buy. If you are ever in an accident or the car is stolen, you will want to know that your asset is protected. If you get a collision and comprehensive insurance policy as part of your auto insurance plan, you will know that your car is covered if you do incur a loss of any kind.

Gives Liability Protection

Anyone that drives a car will always run the risk that they could cause an accident. If you do cause an accident, you will have to pay for any damages that are caused. Fortunately, you can protect yourself if you get an auto insurance policy as it will include liability coverage. Having this coverage is also required in order to drive your car on a public road in Idaho. 

Anyone that is shopping for auto insurance in the Sandpoint, ID area will need to make sure that they get a proper insurance policy. When you are going to look for insurance, you should call the team at The Insurance Shop USA. The insurance team at The Insurance Shop USA can give you the support you need to choose the right policy that meets your needs. 

What Is an Umbrella Insurance Policy?

More Coverage

An umbrella insurance policy boosts other policies that you have to provide you with an umbrella of protection. If you think you need an umbrella policy, or you want to find out more about them, call us at The Insurance Shop USA in Sandpoint, ID to find out more about these helpful policies. 

Umbrella Insurance

For people who already have an auto policy and a homeowners’ policy in place, this type of coverage provides more coverage, over the maximum of those policies. The policy entails that the first insurance policy, either the home or the auto policy, has to pay out to its maximum coverage before the umbrella policy kicks in. When it does, it has a substantially larger maximum than either the home or auto policies. This allows for a much higher payout should the worst happen. 

Liability Coverage

The extra coverage that umbrella insurance gives to the insured is in the form of liability insurance. This covers accidents and other incidents that are judged to be the insured’s fault. It also provides liability coverage for other occasions that are not carried in homeowners’ policies. This allows you to get the payout you need when accidents happen instead of having to pay out of pocket for the liability portion. And, this type of insurance costs far less than it would cost to raise your liability maximums on your home and auto policies. 

Getting Umbrella Coverage

If you don’t want to pay far too much for extra liability coverage on your home and auto policies, call us at The Insurance Shop USA in Sandpoint, ID to make an appointment with an agent who can help you decide how much insurance you really need to keep your financial future safer. 

How does boat insurance protect someone?

In the Sandpoint, ID area, the warm weather during the summer and fall months can make it a great place to own a boat. When you have a boat here, you will always have a way to enjoy all of the amazing recreational options in the area. If you do get a boat here, you also need to make sure that you get into the right insurance policy. A boat insurance policy can protect someone in a number of ways.

Insurance Will Provide Liability Protection

While operating a boat in this area is generally a safe activity, accidents do happen. Even if you are a safe boat operator, there is a chance that you could cause an accident while you are using it. If this does occur, you will have to pay for damages that are caused. When you get a boat insurance policy, you will receive the protection and support that you need to offset this risk.

Insurance Protects Assets

Beyond receiving liability protection, you will also receive coverage for your boat. Buying a boat or other watercraft will take considerable investment and it is very important that you protect this as well as you can. If you do get a boat insurance policy, it will give you the coverage that is needed to repair or replace your boat if it is stolen or damaged. 

Overall, getting boat insurance in the Sandpoint, ID area is a good idea for anyone that owns a boat. If you are a boat owner here, you should call The Insurance Shop USA. The team at The Insurance Shop USA knows how important it is that you get this insurance. If you do get this type of insurance protection it can give you the support that you need to protect you and your asset.